Faith Bible School Online Courses

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Logos University partners with churches and organizations to establish schools, training centers, and internships to develop the next generation of leaders to impact their church, their community, and the marketplace. 

Student Testimonials

Ministerial Leadership

  • The certificate in Ministerial Leadership is designed to give an overview of biblical and ministerial knowledge to equip and prepare leaders to impact the ministry that God has set before them. Students will successfully complete the following courses. Each course acquires 1.2 credit hours from Logos University.

  • PTH101 – Principles of Bible Study

  • OTS101 – Old Testament Survey

  • NTS101 – New Testament Survey

  • PTH102 – Discipleship

  • CNS130 – Intro to Christian Counseling

Advanced Ministerial Leadership


  • The Certificate in Advanced Ministerial Leadership builds on the previous certificate and delves deeper into the skills and abilities needed to successfully serve in ministerial leadership.* *Ministerial Leadership Course Track is a pre-requsite for the Advanced Course Track. Each course acquires 1.2 credit hours from Logos University.

  • THE230 – Hermeneutics

  • PRE201 – Homiletics

  • PTH310 – Developing the Leader

  • ECM101 – Evangelism

  • PTH307 – Pastoral Counseling

Advance in the Ministry

Grow in Revelation Knowledge

Our Ministerial Leadership Courses pave the way to advance your Biblical and revelation knowledge and prepare you for your future in the ministry.


"I would highly recommend this course to everyone! Even if they do not receive the same revelation I did, there was so much information covered in the class that I believe everyone will find something that will help them in their Christian walk." BP

POBS Instructor

Rev. Kathy Seeforth Email: [email protected]

ADJUNCT FACULTY LOGOS UNIVERSITY Graduate of Gulf Coast Bible Training School. 5 years FBS Leadership Team. 5 years FBS Administrative Assistant. 2 years Administrative Assistant Calvary School of Ministry. Private Business Owner 30 years Corporate Management Experience. 7 years Healthcare and Marketing Educator.
Rev Kathy Seeforth FBS Instructor

OT Survey Instructor

Janet Wood Pasteur, Email: Coming Soon

ADJUNCT FACULTY LOGOS UNIVERSITY. Women's Ministry Leader, The Faith Center. Bible Study Leader, The Faith Center. Bachelors of Science Degree Indiana State University. Former Administrator of The Springs Health Care Physical Therapy Center. 30-Years experience in coaching gymnastic and synchronized swimming.
Janet Wood Pastuer

NT Survey Instructor

Elder Jerry Moore. Email: Coming Soon

ELDER , ADJUNCT FACULTY LOGOS UNIVERSITY Graduate of Gulf Coast Bible Training. Instructor GCBTC 2014-2018. Church Elder, The Faith Center. Graduate of Gary Whetstone School of Biblical Studies. MIT Electrical Engineering. Email:
FBS Instructor Jerry Moore

Discipleship & Mentoring Instructor

Rev. Ed Gonzalez Email: [email protected]

FBS DEAN OF STUDENTS, EXECUTIVE PASTORAL TEAM AT THE FAITH CENTER, ADJUNCT FACULTY LOGOS UNIVERSITY Graduate of Zion Bible Institute. Northpoint Bible College. Currently enrolled in the “Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership and Organization” at Logos University. Academic Dean of Faith Bible School. Member of Executive Pastoral Team at The Faith Center. Head of Faith Center’s Ministry Leadership Team. Instructor GCBTC 2014-2018. Currently Office Manager at First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs. 9 years Pastoral Ministry. 15 years as Systems Analyst and Database Administrator. 9 years’ experience in Financial Services.
Rev Ed Gonzalez

Introduction to Christian Counseling Instructor

Alexis Figueroa, Email: Coming Soon

ADJUNCT FACULTY LOGOS UNIVERSITY Graduate of Faith Bible School in Ministry Leadership. Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in the State of Florida. Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. Approved Qualified Supervisor (QS) in Florida providing both supervision and training to mental health therapists. Masters from St. Cloud State University in Clinical Counseling. Bachelors degree in Clinical Psychology from SCSU. 15-years experience in various roles in the mental health arena. Email: FBS Instr
FBS Instructor Alexis Figueroa


  • How much do the classes cost?

    There are 5 courses per year. The yearly cost is $600 or $120/course. Plus a $75/year non-refundable .application fee.

  • Do I have to pay the entire $600 at once?

    No. Each Online Course is billed at $120/course. A course is five (5) weeks.

  • Are there Scholarships available?

    Scholarships are available for onsite learning but not for Online Classes.

  • How long is each course?

    Each course is 5 weeks long.

  • Is this a one year program?

    We currently have two certificate programs available which are one year each; Ministerial Leadership and Advanced Ministerial Leadership. We will be offering degree programs in the future.

  • Are there any prerequisites?

    Year One - Ministerial Leadership has no prerequisites. Year Two -Advanced Ministerial Leadership requires Ministerial Leadership as a prerequisite.

  • Are college credits available for the courses?

    Yes, successful completion of each course will earn 1.6 credit hours with Logos University; which may be used towards additional degree programs.

  • May I audit a FBS Course online?

    Class auditing is available for onsite learning only. Auditing is not available for Online Classes.

  • Will I have access to the Course Instructors?

    Yes, you will have email access to each course Instructor. They will do their very best to reply to you in a timely manner.